Success Through The Big Home Run Swing, Or Experimentation?

Why experimentation is backed by science. Don’t we all love that special a-ha moment, depicted in so many movies, that lead us to believe that this magical epiphany suddenly erupts from our brains and results in some improbable success? In fact, the genre does not matter; sports, business, romantic relationship, we all yearn for this outcome that has no boundaries. It’s the go-for-it, big-swing approach. The problem is that this is just one mode of success. And honestly one reason we enjoy its understanding is that it is a one-time action. The alternative to this mode is the idea that you have to grind away and let’s be honest with ourselves, who wants to sign up for that if you can settle for the one big swing plan. Lately, with the help of a smart friend, I have stumbled into systems theory specifically complex adaptive systems. My Systems Theory for Dummies understanding is that every action/process can be viewed through the lens of a system.  Experts breakdown this lens into 4 types of systems (Simple, Complicated, Complex and Chaotic). Startups and startup ecosystems building are clearly not simple systems. If so we all would be successful business builders.  Chaotic systems,

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