The Comparison Game For Startup Community Leaders

My children are all adults now (that does not mean I am done being a parent) and I am reminded of one of my pet peeves that siblings seem to do all the time.  That is comparing what they did not get as compared to what their sibling received.  I called it the "compare game" and they knew it is a hot button. I find that that the “compare” pet peeve is weaseling itself back into my soul.  We have all seen this in the rankings of various startup communities.  I too am both a victim and purveyor of this.  I am sorry, I am trying to rid myself of the ploy. One of my mantras is this: Startup communities are like children – they should never be compared. Community leaders need a way to see how well they are doing.  The same leaders get caught up in using other communities’ attributes as a marker or milestone to set up goals for their own community. I feel like I am back listening to my children again.  “If Jessie got a new pair of ice skates, then I should get a new pair too!”.  Never mind that her sister did not

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