7 Bad Pitch Personalities – Are You One?

Forgive me. I have listened to so many bad pitches over my years that I may have become a bit jaded. Well, maybe jaded may be too strong, what I really want to do is poke a little fun with the intent of using humor to make a very important point. Every one of us sometimes slips into one of these bad pitch personalities. Your pitch presentation is often the first impression that an investor, partner, future employee gets of you and the business. Don’t screw it up! Each of these bad pitch personalities highlight an approach that creates a negative impression. So which one are you? The Dreamer — The idea is so big and so perfect that no data is needed to support the thesis. Slides have big numbers and phrases that support megatrends. Finding any semblance of traction is fruitless. It’s all fluff and no meat. There is no reason for any investor to follow up. The Rookie — This pitch personality decides to change the basic pitch format that has been used for years (Hook-Problem-Solution-Traction-Market-Team-Ask, not in that particular order per se). Listeners are left wanting some answers and some idea of where this company is

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