When 1 + 1 + 1 = A Lot More Than 3

Moogfest_2016_FB_Cover_Facebook Waves

There are these magical moments that we all wish for; it’s those very all to infrequent times when a number of disparate, other-dimension pieces come together to form something bigger just the simple addition of those pieces. Some background. 3 years ago, a couple of the more tech-oriented local wankers got together and dreamed of an event that would put this metro on the same plane as Austin, TX (with their SXSW) and others.  It seemed to us that some of the emerging, high-growth tech regions had some form of a mixed hybrid event that showcased the region’s assets as well as serve as a destination for those outside of the immediate area. Paradoxos was formed and launched in June of 2013 with a funky mission. “Around here strange bedfellows make for innovative neighbors” was one of the messages we gravitated to but then settled on “the maximum collision of people and ideas”.  (Thanks Dave Alsobrooks – The Paragraph Project.) I hope you saw the announcement yesterday that Moogfest is moving to Durham from Asheville, NC. Now, on the surface you might think that this is nothing more than an eclectic music festival being added to the Triangle mix of Hopscotch, Bluegrass Festival and Art of Cool.  But you would be

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