Moogfest: How The Startup Community in Durham NC Connected With An Iconic Brand


Starting anything successful takes a little vision, a lot of passion and a sometimes a little timing. Mashup festivals have been the rage for quite some time now; I am referring to events like SXSW that combines music, technology and film and TED – a mashup of Technology-Entertainment-Design. For many communities these festivals serve as some sort of badge of honor. In the spring of 2012, a few of my community leader colleagues and I were catching up over beers and someone shared the thought, “what if we all did a festival that showcased our startups, our growing foodie presence and maybe throw in a little music”. I am sure you have been part of those conversations. It’s very similar to “hey, wanna build a fort” or “we should put a band together”. Except now we are adults. And this festival building activity turns out to be really hard. Let me remind you hat we all have day jobs. Knowing this we looked each other in the eye and committed 5 years to seeing if we could generate interest and a little momentum. The difficulty of starting anything was not lost on that first core group of Adam, Casey, Joan

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