2 Simple Tricks You Can Start Tomorrow That Will Immediately Elevate Your Standing In Your Community

community standing

Understanding the nuances of your network versus your contact database may change you forever. It is imperative of you as a business leader that you fully understand the difference between a contact database and your network. Get this wrong and its like running with only one shoe - you can do it but it makes things a lot harder. Seeding, nurturing, and harvesting a network will provide you and your business with a lot more horsepower then simply building a database of your contacts. Full disclosure, I am a Malcolm Gladwell "connector" and have been for about eight years. Truth is, I had always been good at keeping a contact database up to date as I moved through my life and changed jobs. But I did not fully realize the power of a network until that point all those years ago. Your contact database is just that - a structured collection of information that you can access for a variety of reasons. Most of us use the contact database to call people, or email them, maybe send a text message. Some of you may have this database tied to an email service so that we can send out large bulk messages. Regardless

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