I’m Back from My Digital Sabbatical

It's been about 2 months since my sabbatical and that long since I have written for this blog, or for INC magazine, or crafted a new Tweet.  Yep, 8 weeks or about 60 days.  Miss me?  Well I missed writing but I did not miss the deadlines. What did I learn from being away?   My writing muscles began to atrophy. Seriously, it's like starting all over again. My brain feels much less cluttered. I don't feel like I am chasing shit - shit seems to be finding me. The world continues on - however, many of you have reached out and asked me when I am going to start writing again. Thanks for those thoughts. I am developing a new set of themes that I want to explore including (fundraising experiences, founder self-awareness, RTP phase "next", views from outside RTP). What am I doing now post-TSF? First of all, Dave and I still have 35 investments to manage and help succeed - that is the commitment we made to our investors. I am spending time outside of Raleigh/Durham to talk to others involved in similar activities.  I need to hear what is going on and get some different perspectives. Stops

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