Important News Regarding The Startup Factory

Well there goes that 45 day Digital Sabbatical . . . It is with sad news that I share that tomorrow, Dave and I will announce that we are closing The Startup Factory. Now for those of you that are not overly familiar with venture funds, what this means is that TSF will live for at least another 10 years as the 35 investments continue on their journey.  Dave and I will continue to be locked at the hip for quite a long time.  The close part means that we are not going to raise another fund to continue the work we have been on for over 4 years. How do I feel about this?  Excited for what comes next for me, Dave, the Triangle/RTP metro and North Carolina.  I also have to be honest and share that I am a little sad too. We have made unbelievable progress as one of the top tech ecosystems in the country. I know this as I get to speak all around the country in front of founders, investors and friends of the community.  The TSF accelerator was a major driver of our success.  But, the Triangle has matured to a point where a

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