Must Attend Event – Friday May 20th


This week will mark the 12th Big Top Reverse Jobs Fair to be held in downtown Durham from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Why should you attend? Is there one other free event in the Triangle that brings together 500+of your peers, plus 10-15 local companies who are showcasing their hiring needs, plus free food and drink, plus a circus atmosphere that brings a smile to everyone? The answer is no – there is no other free event like it. You don’t have to be actively looking, you just have to be curious.  There are 2 companies that have never presented before and I would bet you have never heard of. You just have to be curious. We are starting early Friday (4:30pm) so that you can get on with your weekend. Interested?  You do have to register to get in and you can do that here. ****  We have just 2 slots left if you are a company that wants to tell your story to thousands through social media, email and at the event! Reach out to and we will get right back to you. **** The Big Top has connected hundreds of talented job seekers to hiring managers across

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