9 Workplace Trends Great Leaders Will Adopt in 2016


The work force and thus the workplace will drastically change next year. Are you ready? The Millennials are now in charge! Millennials are the largest part of our work force now (by end of 2015) and thus hold an influential role in defining how the workplace will operate in 2016, says a recent PWC report. One of the key drivers is their desire to define their work environment according to a very different work standard than the one we non-Millennials are used to. Whether we are talking about working from home (64 percent want to occasionally) or their disdain for corporate structure, silos, and uninformed managers, Millennials will reshape the workplace in 2016. Here are a few thoughts for you to ponder this week: 1. Look for more startup activity as Millennials further realize that they can completely define the workplace in their own image. (Hint: They are already starting businesses on the side.) Use this desire inside your own company to drive new product lines. 2. Plan for less internal bureaucracy in larger companies as frustration with old methods drive employee turnover. Stuck using old processes? Blow them up now and identify at least one that can evolve. 3. Look for adoption

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