My 1st Book is Ready – Love For You To Read It!


Build The Fort: Why 5 Simple Lessons You Learned As a 10 Year-Old Can Set You Up For Startup Success is available on Amazon (Kindle today and Print in a day or two, and Audio in the next week or so). Last year I created a new startup business – – – I wrote a book.  The journey has been amazing, frustrating, time-consuming, satisfying and a check off the bucket list. The inspiration comes from a frequent conversation that my long-time friend and business partner, Marshall Clark (MapQuest, Rand McNally, Ultimus, many others we did not do) and I have every time we consider a new idea.  We called it “Building a Fort”.  As in, where are we going to put the fort, where are we going to get the wood, how long will it take for us to build the first version. Sounds like a startup, right? Last year, I took that concept and used it for a TED talk I gave at Duke.  You know that these talks have a certain tone and rhythm to them and I wanted to get out of my standard talk track.  I really liked the content and then decided that there was

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