13 Ingenious Productivity Hacks You Have to Try Today


This is the simple, you can do it today productivity enhancing list. There are hundreds of productivity tips or new good habits that we all strive for but I find most take too long to implement. If the words “I don’t have time to be more efficient” ever rambled through your head then this list if for you. Here are 13 simple, ingenious and easy-to-implement ideas that will save you time: The Rule of 3 – Never have more than 3 tasks/projects/to-do’s on your mind at any one time. In fact write the 3 down and ignore the other candidates. When done the 3 then make a list of another 3. I start every day this way. Turn off mobile notifications and ringer – The phone is your enemy and social sites have perfected the Pavlovian psychology of notifications. Just turn it off. Turn your phone upside down – The twin sister of the above is to simply turn your phone upside down and just out of arms reach. Get stuff done without your phone. Use a website blocker – Similar to the phone, an open Facebook tab is yelling for your attention. Use a site blocker and set the time during the day that those focus-crushing

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