How the Best Leaders Use ‘Invisible Influence’

invisible influence

Overwhelmed with how to market your business? Jonah Berger might have the answer. Online or offline? Paid vs. organic? Social or traditional? And what is this new content marketing stuff? Think you have the marketing secret? There are so many marketing choices. There are so many marketing tactics. There is so much to learn and master. How will you choose to market your business today? Organizations like the SBA recommend allocating 7-8% of your total budget for small businesses, while others typically advise between 5% and 10% of your overall budget to marketing. But, maybe we are asking the wrong question. Instead of concentrating on following everyone else down the tactic(s) path (Twitter cards anyone?), maybe we should back up and ask a different question. Jonah Berger in his latest book, Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior, asks us marketers to stop and first uncover the factors that influence buyers. For most of us, we spend too much time hitting our prospects over the head with our message using any number of the above-mentioned tactics. Maybe, just maybe there is a different tack we should take. Maybe we should be looking to see how our prospects are being influenced. And, by influence Jonah discusses the

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