Being An Entrepreneur Will Ruin Your Life Forever (That May Be A Good Thing)

ruined life

13 signs that a change is due in your life. Twice in my professional life, I have reacted poorly due to corporate frustration. Once, after the umpteenth phone call with a bureaucratic non-creative type, I hung up on her, slammed the phone down (no cell phones back then), and kicked a door so hard that I broke a toe or two. A few years later, completely exasperated with my peers’ inability to listen to my point-of-view (and he needed my product and staff), I stormed out of a meeting shouting obscenities about the company. In hindsight, these were strong signals that my entrepreneur personality had overwhelmed my corporate personality. Soon after the storming and shouting, I left that senior executive corporate job and never returned. That was over 15 years ago. The funny thing is that I was an entrepreneur prior to those ill-fated gigs. How did I get here and why did I stay so long? Just about all of you have been there. Feel lucky that there are usually no sharp objects within arms length when those moments wash over you. Looking for signals that your corporate days are soon to be in the rear-view mirror? Here is

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