How the ‘Rule of 3′ Can Simplify Your Daily Life


 We look for tips, tricks and tools to settle our brain. This simple rule may just be the key. I have to be honest with you, I am not religious, and I don’t believe in astrology or numerology. But I do look for signals or patterns in this world that can be utilized to bring comfort to the chaos all around me. Out of these signals or patterns I wish to form habits to make me more successful. Business building is hard and I look for tools or tricks to bring a little order to my day. For years, I have used a “rule of three” to help simplify the complex and stimulate me to focus better. The number three shows up in many areas: It represents time as in: Birth – Life – Death Beginning – Middle – End Past – Present – Future Primary Colors – Red, Yellow, Blue Many consider these mystical concepts: Harmony – Wisdom – Understanding The Triangle (3 points and 3 lines) Body, Soul, Spirit Genies give 3 wishes Dorothy clicks her heels 3 times. Sagittarius lucky number is 3 (I don’t believe but I am a Sag) I have used the rule of

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