Regardless of what you think of Tony Robbins, one would have to admit that he is a wonderful motivational speaker. He excels in helping people improve their lives by offering life-changing lessons that provide an alternative view into your mindset, your professional goals and overcoming your challenges.

Can you and I as entrepreneurs and startup community enthusiasts take anything away from his approach?

I recently came across a podcast with Tony as a guest and a few of his thoughts turned into lessons for me that are directly applicable to our tribe.

  1. Adopting a Growth Mindset. As a regular reader of this blog, you are well aware of my thinking that a good, healthy mindset can set you up for success. Tony went further than me and labeled this lesson as a “Growth Mindset”. To me, I hear more time looking forward than behind (the past). I hear an opportunistic bent rather than a challenged bent. I hear a focus on learning which I firmly believe is a life-long commitment.
  2. Focus on Your Influence, Not Control. I love the word influence and its creating a mindset for your actions. As a community leader, we rarely if ever are in a single position to control something meaningful. And more importantly, we should not. We should be in a position to create a collective mission or alignment. Startup communities are not businesses to be run and operated. They are amorphous. They have multiple actors playing multiple roles. Spend more time trying to influence rather than control people.
  3. The Importance of Taking Immediate Action. My second favorite word in startup community building is momentum. Momentum breeds energy and confidence. We all want to be part of something that is moving forward. Immediate actions are the foundation of momentum. Truth = no one can outline the perfect community building strategy. So, take immediate action and do stuff. Lots of stuff. See what works and do more. See what does not work and discard and move on.

As a bonus lesson, I wanted to separately call out a common lesson thread from Tony first exemplified for me in Brad’s Startup Community book in 2012.

Focus on Giving because if you focus on creating value for others, your own sense of fulfillment and success will naturally follow. Brad calls this #givefirst. I have embraced this notion for more than 10 years (after a number of conversations with Brad back in 2009 and 2010).

I can share that I have achieved happiness and my personal growth goals because of this lesson. I hope you will as well.