Thanks for getting to my website and considering meeting with me.  A few items to note:

  • You can book a 20 minute slot (do not sign up for more than one at a time).   I am many times booked a few weeks in advance due to travel and the holidays can be rough so bear with me.
  • I thoroughly enjoy connecting with startup founders.  That being said, I am not just a cheerleader and will ask tough questions. So, come prepared by reading this blog, and/or my book Build the Fort. These are easy ways to see how I think and being familiar with these enables me to help you the most.
  • I am not making any new investments at this time either individually or through The Startup Factory.
  • Please be a good citizen of my time and the time of others.  If you know you can’t make it, simply cancel the meeting through the link that is sent when you confirm the initial meeting.
  • Lastly, all meetings are via a Zoom video link included in the invite.