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3 Reasons Why You Should Turn Your Idea Into A Side Project


There are many ways to get your idea started. Right now you have an idea for a new product. In fact, you are part of a tribe of 80% of the population (my not so scientific survey I do when I speak around the country by asking with a show of hands who has an idea they would love to run with). Think about that, 80% or so are just like you but most never take the next step. My guess is that less than 10% of the adult population ever makes the first move to starting something new. (Again another unscientific observation from 8 years of working with thousands of founders.) I as well as countless others discuss all the reasons why your idea will just sit there in your brain rotting away – the hairiest one being fear of failure. What if I told you, you had nothing to lose? What if I told you that there is a way to play at entrepreneur with your idea and there is no down side to the effort? What if I told you that about a third of all millennials are working an idea on a regular basis? (My third unscientific observation for all the same reasons.) How do these

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