Fear Stopping You From Launching Your Dream Business? (One Trick Every Billionaire Uses)


Your next great idea is ready for launching. One thing that every human has in common is that dinosaur brain that is wired to protect us from harm. Think fight or flight. For startup founders, it is this flight mechanism that prevents most from giving up that stable paycheck, cushy house, and annual vacation. But that same part of our brain is also there to protect us from situations where we don't have answers, where our ideas are put to a rigorous test, where we are put in positions we have never been in before (hiring someone, signing a lease). All of these have potential for embarrassment. Our dinosaur brain wants to protect us from that as well. I share the last set of embarrassing circumstances as a reminder to all of us that regardless of wealth or status, we all can start at the same place of fear. A few years ago, I decided to find a way to slay that dinosaur brain (it comes back every time I have a new idea). My trick? I developed a personal Board of Directors. Not a formal, paid, and regular meeting kind of Board of Directors. Think of an informal set of people who

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