Huge Techstars Opportunity For You Next Week

My new role with Techstars brings me to startup communities around the world, but deep down I still put our local community front and center.

To that end, I have a week of Techstars double-whammy for you.

First, I convinced David Cohen (co-founder and co-CEO) to come visit the area and he and I will be doing a fireside chat at CED’s Tech Conference on Tuesday at 3:45pm. This is a must attend event for anyone that has even the mildest interest in technology, startups, investment and community building as John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins fame will also be doing a fireside chat around 1pm.  Seeing John and David share their wisdom and investment experiences should not be missed.

If you have a startup idea or are working on your startup and want to share your thoughts with two noted Techstars investors, the opportunity is yours in both Raleigh and Durham on Tuesday (19th) and Wednesday (20th) respectively.

Two of my newest, bestest friends, Natty Zola and Amos Schwartzfarb – each one of them a Managing Director of a Techstars Accelerator program, will be holding office hours and it is free to sign up and either pitch your idea or pepper them with questions on how they can help you grown your company.  These guys have seen a lot and have much to share.

Tuesday: Raleigh, NC
Time: 9am-5pm ET
Wednesday: Durham, NC
Location: American Underground, 201 West Main Street, Suite 100 Durham, NC 27701
Time: 10am-3pm ET
Wednesday afternoon, I will be hosting both Amos and Natty in a fireside chat in the Google Lounge at American Underground on Main Street.  Free drink and some food and some great conversation is in store.  Come join us and help me show my Techstars peers what this area is all about!
See you there!!

Speaker, investor, mentor, startup founder. One of 3 or 4 Co-Founders of MapQuest (sold to AOL for $1.2B). Managing Director of $25M Venture Fund in late 90's. CEO, COO or President of various companies ranging from $200k to $20M in size. One of two Managing Directors of The Startup Factory (35 investments across 7 cohorts), founder and MC of the Big Top Reverse Job Fair and national writer and speaker waxing poetic around startups and startup communities. Currently EIR @ Techstars with Brad Feld ~ Startup Communities, to help community leaders around the world grow their startup community.

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