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New founders struggle with what’s important now as opposed to a year from now.  This struggle results in fear and paralysis – we just don’t move forward. It’s OK, you are among the many who just need a better framework, and a little nudge to simplify & focus on the right things.


How do I pitch my company?  What is fundraising like?  When do I hire, how do I fire? I am not sure I know what I am doing.  You are not alone, and every founder has these doubts.  Let me know how I can help!

Communities & Ecosystems

Every city today needs a vibrant startup community and every forward-thinking community builder is trying to figure out how to maximize that goal.  But it’s not working – your ecosystem is not thriving.  You may have the wrong plan. 




For the last decade, I have used my skills and experience as an entrepreneur, mentor, advisor, investor, community builder, speaker, coach and consultant to develop founders, startups and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the globe. I have an innate ability to inspire people to act, simplify the complex, and enable all with an authentic and sometimes humorous delivery.

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