It is an interesting time for me right now as today I posted my 80th article for  For those of you who read and comment and give me feedback – I am forever indebted.  What started as a branding exercise for TSF has turned into a passion.

Every month I have tracked the pageviews, the social shares and comments (more 1 on 1 emails than blog comments).  I am not completely sure why I track this in a master spreadsheet other than I am curious as to what seems to interest you all. (For whatever it is worth, there is no correlation between # of pageviews and # of social shares.  I have articles with lots of pageviews and no sharing as well as modest pageviews and tons of shares.)

So, for something interesting today, I thought I would post the 7 most viewed Heivly-penned articles:

  1. Networking No-No’s: Never Do These 3 Things, Ever
  2. The Power of Many
  3. 3 Painfully Obvious Signs You Are Faking It
  4. Fear Never Goes Away: The Strong Ones Just Know How To Cope Better
  5. The Biggest Hiring Mistake You Can Make
  6. What’s All This Crap About Building Your Personal Brand
  7. No, I Won’t Sign Your NDA

As always, I would enjoy hearing from you either through a comment here or an email.

Oh – the picture I used is me circa 2000 while President of Rand McNally’s Internet subsidiary.