Tonight we will host our 3rd season Open House from 6pm to 8pm.  I love these events for us as well as the new companies.  Its kinda like a debutante ball where we are introducing the companies to the community for the first time.  Of course some of you will recognize the companies as three are from our area.  But there are three from outside the area as well and that is pretty cool.

I have written many times about the need for community support – its what sets great communities apart from good communities.  To that end, I believe that events like this are perfect ways to engage.

There are two goals for tonight:

  • Make these entrepreneurs feel welcome in our community.  The heart of our program is the extensive network that we bring to bear for these teams and companies.  As I frequently share with the 100’s of entrepreneurs we deal with, “startups are a team sport”.  So fellow investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, startup wannabe’s, current executives and friends of TSF – come on out!
  • Secondly, this is their night and as such we want to celebrate their making the leap.  Our agenda for tonight is very informal but pointed.  We want them to be the center of attention.  To follow the debutante theme, we aim for them to meet all of you and for them to share their vision.  So, introduce yourself and if there is a way for you to help – just offer.

Dave and I look forward to seeing you tonight.  We will be providing food & drink and are located at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham in the American Underground.