3 Things We Need to Happen in 2014

I guess I must be on a list craze with everyone else.  But seriously, I have used the holidays to do the proverbial step back and let my mind wander a bit.  Good times in 2013 – see this post. But much is left to do to keep our momentum.  In the last 3 months I have visited the startup scenes in St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago and DC.  Not the valley.  Not New York City.  Not even Boston, Austin or Seattle.  I found just as many committed and passionate community-building entrepreneurs there than here.  Yea for them.  I mean it.  A rising tide floats all boats. What do we need to see here? 1. At least 2 companies Break Out to Star level.  Break out can be an acquisition, a uber-big funding round, or some astronomical user/customer growth numbers that gets recognized nationally. Candidates include ReverbNation, Bronto, Appia, Shoeboxed, WedPics, Sageworks, Adzerk, Netsertive, Windsor Circle, Automated Insights, Zift Solutions or the like.  Those cities I mentioned have 3-5 of these.  I just mentioned 11 off the top of my head (apologies if I left anyone out).  These are revenue-producing, nicely funded (if necessary), real-growth tech companies.  Like iContact, Sharefile and Channel

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