3 Critical Truths You Need to Make Your 1st Culture Hire

Building a recruiting engine is as important as building your product. Your minimum viable product is built to everyone's satisfaction. Customers are finding you every day as your user base climbs ever so nicely. With these two ingredients in hand, you raise a little money that enables you to add to the founding team. It's now time to make your first set of hires. And all you hear about is make sure you hire to fit your culture. Now is the time to set the cultural foundation of your company. These 3 truths must be asked and answered to effectively meet your goal. The alternative can be deadly. Establish your culture. You first question is, do I have a culture? The answer is obviously yes but is it the culture you want going forward? What are those things you are willing to live with and those items you cannot live without? Work/life balance is the first area to explore. Is the team a 12 hour day, 5.5 days a week group? If so, what happens when you find someone who has the requisite skills but also has a family that she intends on seeing every night. Establish the 3 or

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