The Ultimate Outcome of Failure

sad failure

A self-examination may just be what the doctor ordered. You are smart. You have thought about this idea for a long time. You have socialized your startup with a healthy handful of experienced founders. You went out and talked to a group of potential customers. You may have even secured/cajoled a co-founder into the mix. And you have talked to your family about the desire to start your own company. What's next? Have you prepared yourself for the worst-case scenario? I am talking about failure of the idea to get off the ground. Now, I am an advocate of ignoring or at least compartmentalizing these thoughts as they can be toxic and create situations where you manage for non-failure. I am a bigger fan of managing for serendipitous success. Yes, attitude is a large part of how this journey will play out for you. But for a second, lets consider another dimension to the worst-case outcome. What is the worst that could happen? Here is a list of most of the things are dino brain comes up with: Your reputation could be tarnished. You may lose some of your money (existing savings or future earnings). You could be embarrassed and your ego hurt. You could

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