Do You Have These 3 Simple Leadership Tools?

You know you have to do the leader thing. What are the foundational elements of your leadership style? I have thrown out almost all of the leadership styles I was shown 20+ years ago. There was the patriarchal style left over from the 1950's. This was the closed-door, Dad knows best and you follow what Dad has decided. This style also included a general protection over the employees just as a father would for his children. Talk about oil & water. I remember a boss berating me for bringing up a topic in an executive meeting that he was not already aware of. No trust--all ego. There was the autocratic style typically used in old-style manufacturing where fear was used as a weapon. Employees produced enough to avoid punishment. Fear was not the only tool; many used an abundance of praise to secure employee loyalty. I feel lucky that I was never exposed to that but I know a few leaders who employ that style. Just check out to see who they are. My least favorite style is the hands-off let the inmates run the asylum form of leadership. The rationale here is let your people decide what's best

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