When Will Your Startup Get Easier?


Do you find yourself asking yourself this question about your startup? You have heard all the stories and read all the articles that support the fact that starting a company has never been easier. Startup gurus point to the typical getting started hurdles such as: Capital - Kickstarter, Investment meetups in every city, networking tips to connect you to those who invest are but a few of the avenues available to you but 20 years ago were hidden behind doors, Tech Talent - offshore inexpensive developers, code yourself platforms that create simple but testable versions of your idea, and local code school students itching to work on real projects are a few outlets, Customers - the Internet connects us almost immediately with target customers through email lists, meetups, Facebook ads and many many more vehicles, all on the cheap where years ago an expensive sales staff was needed. So, it is easy to get started you surmise. But then you jump in and you have never worked so hard in your life. You find out that there are literally a hundred small decisions to make and prioritize. You come to realize that all of those easy-to-find assets mentioned above are actually hard to work with and

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