3 Characteristics Solo Founders Need to Succeed

Many investors shy away from single tech founders. Here is what you need to break through. For years, I have pushed the co-founder mantra and in almost every case, I still believe that is the more successful route. Or should I say, the route that creates more successful outcomes. Why? Very few of us (myself included) have enough brainpower to navigate the hundreds of decisions necessary to create a great outcome, especially in those first few months to a year. That is where a great, complimentary co-founder or partner comes into play. I have made 35 investments at The Startup Factory over the past 3 years and up until late last year, had invested in only one solo founder team. And to be honest, we pushed him hard to bring in a co-founder immediately. So, what have I learned over the past year that makes me question that bias? It was a conversation with another solo, tech-oriented co-founder in RTP by the name of Robbie Allen. As you can imagine, Robbie is no wallflower. He has a Master’s degree from MIT, was a Distinguished Engineer with Cisco (1 of 13 I think) and is the founder of Automated Insights, a

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