11 Simple But Profound Signs You Need a Mental Nap

Your mind can only power through for so long. Find a way to clear your brain every day. We push ourselves to the far edges of what we can handle. Why? Is it part of our DNA? Or is it a foundational psychological flaw that rationalizes our desire to pack as much as we can into every day with the thinking that each extra minute will get us closer to that elusive magical state? Ever hear the story about Einstein and Salvador Dali and their mid-day naps? Both believed that a well-timed nap cleansed the mind and opened themselves up to new ideas and creativity. I think of it as a palate cleanser. I don’t care how you do it but I want you to find a tool to use daily that gives you time to NOT think about the business. Think of this as a mental nap. Here are 11 simple and obvious signs that you need to find that tool: Miss an important meeting. I forgot to show up for a relatively important meeting today. Sure we have all done it. I am sure that Dina and the startup founders in Chapel Hill will forgive me. It’s why

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