The tradition of making New Year resolutions is heavily tied to the idea of January as a month of starting over. The name “January” comes from the Roman god Janus, who was the god of doors and gates. Janus is depicted with two faces, one looking back into the past and the other looking forward to the future. (Thanks ChatGPT!)

I love the symbolism of this statement. Let’s look forward . . . 

For startup communities and startup community leaders, this is a great time to consider what the community needs in the next year, maybe even a small step back to simplify a few activities.

Here are 3 simple new year resolutions that work for every startup community:

  1. Enhance Collaboration and Networking: There is never enough collaboration and networking. Why? People change. Organizations change. Culture changes. Find new ways to create more opportunities for networking and collaboration within the community. Don’t be afraid of change.
  2. Foster More Diversity and Inclusion: This is really hard especially for tech-oriented startup communities. But we still have so much farther to go. Turn the game around and bring your activities and events to non-traditional spaces in under-represented neighborhoods.  
  3. Expand Programming: I always advocate for starting at the top of the funnel. Inspire new entrepreneurs of all demographics. Consider outreach programs to high school and middle schools. Double down on your local colleges. Invite groups that are non-traditional.

Friends, our work in growing our startup community is never done. It’s why we consider this a 20 year journey. Or reframed in context to this blog post, consider 20 – 1 year mini-journeys. Start your mini-journey with 3 simple startup community resolutions.