If you are one who is more listener than reader, then I have some exciting news and a small but courageous twist (you have to read to the end though).

The audible version of my latest book is now available on Amazon.

For those not aware, I have spent the last 14 years in Raleigh Durham NC and the last 6 years globally helping startup community enthusiasts grow their ecosystems. It is literally a labor of love. This is really difficult to consistently do well. There is no one playbook or recipe. There is no one silver (magic) bullet that will propel your city forward.

But there is a mindset that for many will seem unconventional. Therein lies the magic I have witnessed in the best ecosystems. So if understanding how founders, investors, university instructors, researchers and professors, economic developers, entrepreneurial service organizations and in general startup community enthusiasts can play an active and important role – give the book a read.  Or a listen.

The twist?

I recorded the entire book (with the help of a great producer and editor). 15+ hours of me talking. 5+ hours of an editor saying not good enough.

So it is my voice sharing with you what I have observed for almost 15 years. Take a listen and let me know what you think.