Startup events are the bread and butter of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and the most dynamic and mature ecosystems host great events. But what makes the consummate startup event today? In the ever-evolving landscape of startup community culture, an impactful event can act as a critical catalyst for networking, learning, and growth.

Over the last ten years, I’ve gleaned some insights on what ingredients make for the consummate startup event not just informative but transformative. For those of you who are running events today, read on and think about whether your event needs a facelift.

First and foremost, a great startup event today must foster genuine connections. It’s not just about handing out business cards; it’s about creating an environment where entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and industry leaders can engage in meaningful conversations. The magic of these events lies in the coffee break chat that leads to a new mentorship, or the panel question that sparks a game-changing idea. Connectivity must be at the core of your goals, encouraging serendipitous connections that materially change who you work with or how you go about doing your thing.

Diversity of Voices
Innovation thrives on diversity. A startup event that curates a lineup of speakers and participants from various backgrounds, industries, and experiences is more likely to stimulate groundbreaking discussions. It’s crucial to hear from the underrepresented, the overachievers, and everyone in between. But being open to diverse voices is not enough, you have to be intentional and proactive in developing a door for the diverse attendees to walk through.

Interactive Formats
The era of passive, “too-many-experts” panel discussion has seen its day and is giving way to a more interactive model. Workshops, hackathons, well-crafted fireside chats and roundtable discussions lead to a more engaged audience. Let’s face it, it’s a soundbite world and our events have to acknowledge that with formats that embody that fact. Attendees should walk away with practical knowledge they can apply to their startups immediately.

The greatness of a startup event today is not defined by its size or its star speakers alone. It is measured by the lasting impact it has on its participants. It’s the conversations that continue long after the last panel, the advice that leads to a pivotal pivot, or the introduction that opens the door to the next big opportunity. By focusing on connectivity, diversity, and interactivity, we can craft not just events, but experiences that propel the startup community forward.