Did you miss me last week? Many bloggers write and schedule their posts in advance. Me – not so much. I want to write these in the week they drop as they represent the current thoughts going on in my mind. I am just coming off Raleigh Durham Startup Week last week and did not find the time to drop a post. RDSW (version #3) was incredible and loaded with so much social capital being exchanged. We doubled our attendees and more importantly our engagement #’s were off the chart. 

What is social capital you may wonder? Here is a fancy definition from the Institute for Social Capital: “social relations that have productive benefits”. Since I like things a little simpler, here are a few words and phrases I think about, when defining social capital, including: friend, a connection, trust in your network, good deeds, #givefirst. 

I have been lightly studying social networks and their requisite social capital for a number of years and this much I do know – it is not collected and activated like a light switch to be used when you need it. It is like a savings account that you deposit capital into to be used later.

Raleigh Durham Startup Week had 24 people on the organizing committee. No one got paid with monetary capital, but they sure did make a ton of deposits of social capital.

As of last week, I counted at least 3 or 4 of my fellow organizers who are looking for their next full-time gig. These range from senior executives to early-in-their-career marketing leaders. And with that thought in mind this week, I came across this article about one huge benefit of volunteering. 

According to the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, “when out of work in Year 1, those who volunteered had a 27% higher likelihood of being employed in Year 2, compared with those who did not volunteer.

I have counseled hundreds of new friends when they are job searching, and I always start with this notion – your success will be a factor of N, N being the number of people you talk to. My follow up is to get engaged to a project or a group where you can donate your time. In doing this you will meet new connections that see you in a much different light than the one on your resume or CV.

I feel very confident that my 3 or 4 fellow organizers will find something interesting soon and that their next opportunity will probably come from last week.