Are You In The RTP Race?

One of my favorite local serious-as-a-heart attack entrepreneurs is Henry Copeland of Blogads.  But with Henry you get so much more as he uses is excellent team and business platform to try out other product ideas.  (Check out Twiangulate.)

The newest product ready to explode is Racery.  The idea is to combine a much needed fitness dimension with some peer pressure without everyone being in the same space and time.  Confusing?  Wait – let me try again. You race virtually against peers (individuals or teams) in a virtual space and compete.

TSF currently has co-sponsored the Triangle Tech Challenge which is off to a fast start.  There are now 38 teams from 25 different companies using real miles to race a virtual route around North Carolina.  A number of companies have two or more teams including: Red Hat, ChannelAdvisor, Bronto, SAS, Bandwidth, Newfangled, Netsertive, Adzerk and Windsor Circle.  TSF even has a team.

The race started 7/23 (Thursday) and so far racers have run over 1,300 miles.  Each racer logs there miles each evening by simply responding to an email with the number of miles walked/run/wheelchaired/etc.

If you work at a Triangle tech company and are not yet in the race, registration will close next Monday. So this is the last chance to get in the race. (Don’t worry, the folks at Racery can backdate miles for racers!)

Here’s the link for registering or spectating:

See ya’ll in Asheville!!!!!

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