Interested in selling into large enterprises, fintech and tech investing in financial institutions?

A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to keynote the NCTA Annual Retreat. For those of you not aware, NCTA is a statewide not-for-profit organization focused on advancing the states tech industry. For those of you in startup land, this is more focused on IT and MIS as opposed to tech startups though there is some obvious overlap.

However, there was an opportunity to bridge any gaps in focus, attitudes, goals and what-have-you. I saw an opportunity to build that bridge as it is the one thing that I think is missing in our fabulous ecosystem.

We just dont have enough buy-in from the large corporations here in Raleigh/Durham.

So, I used my platform in front of a couple hundred mostly corporate executives to share a message and a path to a bridge between the like-minded groups.

Let’s connect.  Let’s connect as customers, as mentors and as investors.  Lets connect as passionate community leaders.

I am happy to report that I have a number of meetings set up with local corporations as they look for ways to better integrate with the startup community.

On Oct 30th from 4pm to 6pm down at HQ Raleigh, Credit Suisse will host a free social for startup companies and enthusiasts interested in the following:

  • Fintech
  • Selling into Large Corporations and Enterprises
  • Tech Investments through their NEXT Fund

Its a easy agenda with a couple of interesting speakers and some networking. I am helping to organize and promote the event as my way of building a bridge.

I would love to see you there.  Register here.