By now, I am sure you saw a few emails where I shared that I wrote my first book called Build The Fort. I am so lucky to have had some great feedback from many of you.

On Thursday, October 15th from 4pm to around 5:30pm, I will be selling and signing books as well as talking for just a few minutes about the concepts inside.  (Have I ever talked for just a few minutes?)

As a fellow business person, I know that you understand that nothing happens without any one of us putting a lot of effort behind that thing we care a lot about. So, I am taking personal responsibility to market the book myself. This is both intellectually stimulating as well as challenging as there are so many ways to get the message out and only so many non-TSF hours in the day.

Would you consider buying a copy (it will make for a great gift)? Here is a link to the Amazon buy page. There are both Kindle and Print version available. If you already have – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I need Amazon Reviews (much more weight when you buy from them), Emails to friends & colleagues (a huge ask), Tweets (just click to reTweet), and/or Facebook Likes, Posts, Shares (a little more effort). Pick your preferred media.

Writing is now a passion of mine and I hope you can join me on this journey.  My hope is to create awareness for TSF, and the Triangle as well as to spur more speaking gigs around the nation.  Efforts these days are in getting coverage outside the state.  Your help is appreciated.