My 1st Book is Ready – Love For You To Read It!

Build The Fort: Why 5 Simple Lessons You Learned As a 10 Year-Old Can Set You Up For Startup Success is available on Amazon (Kindle today and Print in a day or two, and Audio in the next week or so).

Last year I created a new startup business – – – I wrote a book.  The journey has been amazing, frustrating, time-consuming, satisfying and a check off the bucket list.

The inspiration comes from a frequent conversation that my long-time friend and business partner, Marshall Clark (MapQuest, Rand McNally, Ultimus, many others we did not do) and I have every time we consider a new idea.  We called it “Building a Fort”.  As in, where are we going to put the fort, where are we going to get the wood, how long will it take for us to build the first version.

Sounds like a startup, right?

Last year, I took that concept and used it for a TED talk I gave at Duke.  You know that these talks have a certain tone and rhythm to them and I wanted to get out of my standard talk track.  I really liked the content and then decided that there was a book in here somewhere.

Build The Fort is a simple read (about 150 pages) with some simple messages.  It is for anyone who is considering starting something, works around anyone starting something or knows anyone who is considering the leap themselves.  I concentrated the advice around the months leading up to the decision as well as those first 3 months post-leap.

I describe it as Who Moved My Cheese meets Zero To One.

Feeling inspired or supportive?  Just CLICK HERE to buy a copy.

As always, I truly appreciate the support you give by reading this blog and the feedback I get via email and in person.  Thanks again!

Speaker, investor, mentor, startup founder. One of 3 or 4 Co-Founders of MapQuest (sold to AOL for $1.2B). Managing Director of $25M Venture Fund in late 90's. CEO, COO or President of various companies ranging from $200k to $20M in size. One of two Managing Directors of The Startup Factory (35 investments across 7 cohorts), founder and MC of the Big Top Reverse Job Fair and national writer and speaker waxing poetic around startups and startup communities. Currently EIR @ Techstars with Brad Feld ~ Startup Communities, to help community leaders around the world grow their startup community.

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