A good sign of a maturing ecosystem is the addition of programs that address deficiencies in the market.

A number of years ago, a number of us identified the void in software development talent. (Newsflash – we are not unique in this void but that was not an excuse not to find solutions in order for the region to be more productive than other regions.) My Big Top networking event and half-assed website tries to connect people.  But we needed more and after Adam Klein and I ran a “learn Ruby on Rails” in a weekend test the next thing we had was the Iron Yard.

Later, my partner Dave, Adam and I tried to get a marketing version of a code academy off the ground to meet a similar need around digital marketing.

Now, Exit Event and Eric Boggs (RevBoss) have jumped into the mix with the target this time = SALES TALENT.

On August 25th the inaugural SalesJam  – a half-day conference featuring some of the Triangle’s top salespeople in tech will gather to talk about today’s best practices around sales.  SalesJam promises a fun, inspiring and educational event for salespeople and entrepreneurs at any stage in their careers. The August 25 event is happening at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, and tickets are $59.  Interested?  Click here to get your ticket.