I hope by now that most of you are aware that I run a side business called Tech Jobs Under the Big Top (Now just referred to as BIG TOP).

It started as a “job fair” and these events make up most of what a Big Top is today.  So far we have operated 9 events (8 in RTP and 1 in St. Louis).  The concept is simple, I recruit hundreds of curious local talent to hear 12-15 of most promising local companies showcase their needs.

A few facts:

  • Over 35 companies (from Channel Advisor to Adzerk) have presented.
  • Over 2,500 job candidates have attended the 8 RTP events.
  • 92% of presenting companies expect to hire at least 1 person from the event
  • 83% put between 2-10 candidates into their recruiting process

Our next event is May 5th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm under the largest tent we could put down @RTP at their Frontier location.  Equally spaced between Raleigh and Durham, we expect 500-600 enthusiastic job-seekers to hear why they should come work for the best local companies.

8 of the 12 slots are filled as of today.  Are you involved with recruiting the areas best talent?  Find out why Bronto, Automated Insights and Windsor Circle sign up for every event.

Interested?  email me at chris@bigtop.it.