I have known the guys who put on Internet Summit and SEVC for a few years now. In fact when I was first starting TSF they were good enough to reach out and encourage me to attend the SEVC up in DC when I hardly knew anyone.

Eric & Scott and team continue to build valuable events that are a must attend for startup, early-stage founders and investors. The lineup is stellar including Apple co-founder Woz.

Later this month, SEVC will be in Charlotte from March 31st to April 1st showcasing the regions best and brightest emerging players. And then there will a few old timers like me. 😉  I will be moderating a panel on Tuesday late in the day so come find me if you are in town.

I frequently (like everyday) evangelize the need to connect with others the things that are most important to you.  SEVC later this month in Charlotte is a great place to do that. Register here if interested.

See you there!