One of the signs of a healthy growing region is having a variety of ways to engage.  Our Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Cary/Morrisville and Calvander micro areas are no exception to what is happening locally and the “Startup Mania” phenomenon.  The good news is that a Startup Weekend in coming again this weekend and I find these one of the best vehicles to try on your new startup sneakers.

You see, there are so many doors into the startup room that each of you get to choose the door that is right for you.  The Dave & Chris accelerator program – TSF – is one way.  CED, Groundworks Labs, College Entrepreneurship programs, co-working spaces including the HUB (HQ) and American Underground, and local themed meetups around social media marketing, software development, server hosting, and beer socials are all places to see where one might fit in.

Some of you are working full time at a large tech company and have an idea on the side.

Some of you are students at one of our very cool local universities and are eager to engage in something less academic.

Some of you are currently in a startup where the genesis of the idea came out of a startup weekend.  And you just can not not spend 56 hours exercising those startup muscles again.

This version of the Triangle Startup Weekend begins Friday night at the very cool new space on Main Street in Durham.  People gather around 5-6pm and things get started for real around 7pm.  Check out the web site if you are interested and register ASAP.

See you there!