For the past few years, I have yearned for a comprehensive site to see all that was going on.  As a connected guy, I have had the privilege of seeing, feeling and being directly solicited many of the interesting events around town.  In fact, the original thesis for TTTalk was to build a go-to site for information including local events.  I wanted to use my connectiveness as a platform to share with others.

Like most endeavors, the dreamer goal and the daily tasks are very very different.  So, the one-stop source for local events fell by the wayside.

Yesterday, Jack Wang walked into my office.  Jack is working on/at a startup that has applied to The Startup Factory.  (We wish him well as we begin our Fall selection process).

Jack proceeeded to show me something I had stumbled upon about 2 weeks.  He has built this cool RTP local calendar that scrapes from Meetup, Eventbrite and probably a few other sites.  It is keyword driven and he has it geared towards the tech ecosystem.  There are a TON of events in the calendar.

Check it out here (

I love this for a couple reasons.  First, it is a resource I have longed for.  Second, he wants to share it with the community and did it for fun on the side.  I have encouraged him to build some type of API gateway so I and others can incorporate it into our media properties (like this blog).

Stay tuned.  Well done, Jack!!