As you add team members (hires, contractors, interns, advisors, and the people you borrow) you will invariably think about your leadership style.  We all have lived under various styles as shown by parents, teachers, sports coaches and professional bosses. I am sure there are some we enjoyed and some we hated.

So what kind of leader will you be?

There are many traits to consider and my overall advice is to find the leadership personality that fits you not the other way around. That being said, I do think there is one learned trait that serves any style and that should be a large part of your leadership platform.

Your first team members will make or break your company. Each small decision adds up to a strategy and execution of your dream.  Having team members who struggle with these decisions has a major impact.

Your leadership goal is to enable courage with each person on the team.

Courage to act quickly and with strength on each and every decision they make will in both the short term and the long term place your company in a better position to succeed.  As you wake up each and every day with the challenge of running your company, consider how you can create an environment based on courageous behavior.