There are moments in your career when your response can make or break your business. A few weeks back while delivering a Keynote in Miami, I was able to listen to Chris Lester. Chris told the audience a story which created the perfect hook. His story changed the way I approach meetings . . . forever.

Chris Lester sat across the conference table from General Wesley Clark. It was an afternoon meeting–an important one. The General’s staff had brought Chris in to talk brand strategy for General Clark’s consulting company. This guy is a general, has an unbelievable history and ran for President back in 2008. This meeting turned out to be the most interesting meeting in Chris’s career. The general was not happy and as he sat down and shared some thoughts with Chris he finished with a statement and a question for Chris: THAT IS WHY I AM HERE. WHY ARE YOU HERE?

Anyone who has ever pitched anything to anyone knows the feeling of “Oh crap”, I had a plan and now it is thrown out the window. How can you ever prepare for that moment?

Do yourself a favor and jump over to the INC site and read the story and the rest of the article: General Wesley Clark Asks – Why Are You Here?  and if moved, share with me your favorite weird meeting.