We all need a little more silly in our lives. Try these TED talks to find your inner kid.

For those of you on the TED train, this list is for you. I have found five of the simplest and potentially silliest TED talks. For those of you not aware of a TED (Technology/Entertainment/Design) talk, let me be the first to introduce you to hundreds of reasonably short video talks by mostly ordinary people with an easy listening format.

For you out there that are TED aficionados, I bring you a list that you have never seen before. Simple. Silly. Impactful.

Some find inspiration.

For others there is productivity.

For some there is empathy.

For others there is knowledge.

Today, I bring you the lighter side of TED; 5 talks that will bring a smile to your face and a talk track for the next social gathering.

Tie Your Shoes Correctly. Who knew you were doing it all wrong. I am on the downside of life’s mountain so I have tied my shoes thousands of times. And yet, they frequently come untied and always at the worst moment. Turns out there is a right way and a wrong way.

Dry Your Hands The Right Way. Just like tying your shoes, it turns out there is a better way to dry your hands. Unlike the wrong way for your shoes, drying your hands the wrong way does not result in wet hands – you usually solve that problem by using A LOT more towels. This is bad for the environment in so many ways. This simple methodology works, I have been doing it for years, and I have added to it in other drying situations.

Take A Walk Instead of a Meeting. Steve Jobs was famous for his work walks. There is much research regarding our brains inclination to be more open when walking as opposed to sitting. In addition, the speaker shares that we now actually sit longer than we sleep. Well, that can’t be good for us.

Find 10 Minutes To Do Nothing. I am a big fan of nothing but find it almost impossible to find moments in our life where we can embrace nothing. Sound silly? It is up to us to combat the steady stream of noise that comes at us every minute. I have a little life hack that addresses this too. Listen to this TED talk, find a few minutes every day to do nothing, and then find the speakers free meditation product and embrace his voice.

Adults Can Play Too. I have always challenged everyone around me to work hard/play hard. Do you really find time to play? Or is your playtime still related to work or work-like activities. As a kid I built forts and use the metaphor for starting anything. As kids, we went out to play but not anymore. Listen in and find the kid in you again.


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