Can getting naked help you be more successful and battle your fear?

Taking all of your clothes off might be one way to achieve business success but I am guessing that would depend on the business that you are in and of course your body. But alas, getting naked is a metaphor and is not meant to be taken literally. So don’t fear the thought of actually taking your clothes off.

What To Do When It’s Your Turn is Seth’s latest book and one of his passages really resonated with me. “Go, get naked”, he shared.

As a pending or current startup businessperson you have done something that most dream of but that the majority of the population will not–you are considering the leap. Now leaps are fraught with self-doubt, anxiety, a little fear but an equal amount of knock-you-off-your-feet excitement. If there is no upside why would any of us actually jump?

But I do find that some of us limp in at times. This is bad. The difference between great and good is found in our over-the-top commitment to our idea/product/company.

In other words you need to get naked.

The metaphor comes to life when you, as a startup founder, are willing to expose everything about you to the outside world; cough cough, warts and all. Worrying about your reputation means you are keeping some of your clothes on. Hiding in your garage or home office is an example of staying clothed. Talking to potential customers with just an idea is by metaphorical definition shedding your clothes.

“Clothing” inhibits speed and speed is your biggest advantage.

This is why I advocate acting more like you are 10 years old. There is very little baggage you carry when you are 10. Think about building your first fort. This simple (10 year old) view of the world and how to get things done is a natural fit. Almost like getting naked.