The TSF Open Office Hours bring in a diverse set of individuals from vendors to startup founders to newly-arrived executives from NYC, Philly, Chicago and all parts in between.  One of the talk tracks we invariably have is their desire to help/market their services to our startups.

This article I wrote for highlights one of the words that drives me crazy.

You bring years of executive experience, but you can throw it all away with the use of just one word.

Let’s say you’re a bright, energetic executive who has achieved serious success managing any number of business units, high-profile projects, and critical business functions.  But that world ended last week/last month/last year.  What do you do now?

Here’s a thought hang a consulting shingle with the idea that you can bring all of those years of experience to a few of the smaller companies in the area.  These companies are one hundredth of the size and complexity of the behemoth you managed, so they will obviously covet your strategic insight.

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