Heivly.com and others sponsored a very cool event last night at Motorco (the very hipster entertainment mecca in Durham).  The Startup Movie Night was inspired by Eric Boggs (Argyle Social) who also sits on the board of the Southern Documentary Fund.

Over 120 registered for a screening of  Durham: A Self-Portrait from Emmy-winning filmmaker Steven Channing.

I counted at least 75+ with many of the startup scene represented.  For me, being relatively new to the Durham scene – it provided me a bit of the important history and context of the town I have come to enjoy.  I have no idea how one can see this going forward, but I recommend it to anyone who is calling Durham home (live or work).

The one new angle that I thought was very cool was that there were a number of spouses and significant others who joined the entrepreneurial set.  Adam Klein – American Undergrounds’ strategist and former Chamber Startup maven and his wife Amanda and Evan McCormick of Investors Mosaic and his bride who is currently in med school were two I  had the chance to spend time with.

Might this turn out to be another very cool repeatable gathering event?  I hope so.  What do you think?