On Monday (10/24/2011), writers from The Atlantic spent an hour with the 13 startups participating in the Bull City Startup Stampede. The writers were in town as part of a tour of the South in search of “the next Silicon Valley.” It was a great opportunity to showcase the incredible startup ecosystem in Durham and the 60+ startups that call downtown Durham home.

By way of reminder, the Stampede is a 60 initiative of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Durham, Inc that gives early-stage startup companies a free runway to get their idea off the ground. Everything from the space to parking to wi-fi is covered for the companies and each week the startups have lunch with a successful entrepreneur who tells his/her story about getting a company off the ground. It’s an easy way for these startups to build a network of entrepreneurs and service providers who can help them take their idea to the next level.

Several Stampede companies were singled out in the article, including companies that participated in the spring version of the Stampede. Check out the links below for more and visit www.startupstampede.com if you’d like to learn more about that initiative.

Stampede–Home of Durham’s Kickstarter Kids

iBuzzn–A Startup Stampede company