Want to Learn Ruby on Rails?

I will go into a lot more detail in a future post, so with the spirit of getting this information out ASAP . . . .

Durham Tech has created an Introduction to Ruby on Rails course to be taught in the American Underground classroom.  This is something I have been harping about for over a year.  I strongly believe we need people like Durham Tech to step up and help create local talent.  I spoke to their Director a few months ago when we tested a mini-version in the classroom that was very successful.

If interested follow these instructions to register.

Registration / payment instructions:
1) Click on the following link –  https://ist-80.durhamtech.edu/WebAdvisor
2) Click on “Continuing education” box
3) Click on “Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes” under the Registration Tab.
4) Either search for “Ruby on Rails” or enter in the Course Code Number: 36590
5) The “Introduction to Ruby on Rails” class will appear. Choose the class by clicking the box under the “Select” tab and hit “Submit”.
6) Complete Registration / Payment process.


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3 comments On Want to Learn Ruby on Rails?

  • Hi Chris,

    What are the requirements for the ruby on rails class? do we need to know how to write programs or this class is for beginners?
    Is this class 2 weeks, do you think it is possible to learn how to program ruby on rails in just 2 weeks?
    Please clarify, thanks.


  • Class was cancelled due to lack of enrollment. Anyone still interested in taking a RoR class?

    • I would like to take a course and would love it if someone could inform me about other opportunities and what is in demand in the Triangle.

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